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Wheel Of Fortune

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Slower and slower the Wheel of Fortune swings, lower the reel rings and lucky number brings. One of 19 sectors will be selected by gentle spin every 5 minutes. Picking the right color will treble money. But there are also smaller and higher risk options - everyone will find what to bet at Wheel of Fortune.​

"Wheel Of Fortune" is a very fast and simple live game with dynamic betting options.

Draws for the game run every 5 minutes and the "Wheel Of Fortune" is spinned during a live broadcast. The result of the game is one of the sectors which is determined by the official rules. Each draw has a unique number which is used to store the results. Punter can place bets on any of the offered outcomes before the draw starts.

1. Terms:

1.1. Wheel of Fortune – a round gaming device divided into nineteen (19) sectors which are separated by metal holders;

1.2. Sector – one out of nineteen (1/19) parts of the wheel numbered from one (1) to eighteen (18) or marked with a special symbol (a cup with a star). All sectors are equal size;

1.3. Draw result – sector where the lower end of the pointer stops (closer to the center of the wheel). Results are determined according to fixed rules (see 2.8.);

1.4. Pointer – a part of the gaming device (at the top middle of the wheel) which determines the result of the draw;

1.5. Odds – numerical expression which is multiplied by the amount of the player’s stake to calculate the winnings.

2. Rules:

2.1. The game‘s presenter introduces the Wheel of Fortune, spins it counter-clockwise and then spins it clockwise with a light hand stroke;

2.2. One Wheel of Fortune is used in the game;

2.3. Only one spin is made during a draw except for cases when the spin must be repeated (see 4.2.);

2.4. Presenter‘s spin (and the draw) is valid if the wheel makes at least three (3) full spins clockwise;

2.5. A turn starts when the presenter‘s spinned wheel starts spinning clockwise and the pointer leaves the sector where it was previously standing;

2.6. The result of the draw is the sector‘s number or symbol where the pointer lands after the wheel stops turning;

2.7. Results for Wheel of Fortune:


3. Gameplay:

3.1. There is only one betting round and punters can place their bets on all available outcomes;

3.1.1. The betting round takes place between the game draws and lasts about four minutes. When the first draw is finished, the betting round for the second draw immediately starts. The broadcast starts after the end of the betting round;

3.2. Maximum and minimum betting limits are set by the gambling company.

4. Special cases:

4.1. Cancelled draws:

4.1.1. Draws can be cancelled due to technical failures: internet connection problems, technical problems in the studio or presenter‘s mistakes;

4.1.2. Presenter‘s mistakes that can cause cancelled draws: The Wheel of Fortune does not make at least three (3) full spins; The presenter has a physical contact with the Wheel of Fortune when the wheel is already spinning or the presenter changes the speed of the wheel in any other way;

4.2. Repeated spin. A spin has to be repeated if:

4.2.1. The Wheel of Fortune does not make three (3) full spins from the beginning of the spin until the full stop of the wheel;

4.3. If the sound during the broadcast is lost or the presenter announces the wrong winning combination, the correct draw results are determined by the video broadcast;

4.3.1. If a player cannot see the live broadcast due to technical reasons (no internet connection, no electricity and etc.) but the broadcast can be found in the archive, draw is deemed to have taken place;

4.3.2. Results of each draw and archive for the broadcasts can be found on the game organizer‘s website.

5. Game organization procedure:

5.1. Draws of the game run for 18 hours daily every 5 minutes from 09:03:40 AM to 02:58:40 AM (GMT+2);

5.1.1. Organizer has the right to change the time and the duration of the broadcasts;

5.2. Short breaks are allowed (1-5 cancelled draws in a row) due to technical failures in the studio. All bets placed on these draws are void and stakes are returned to the punters.

6. Equipment used in the game:

6.1. Wheel of Fortune (see 1.1.);