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DICE: it is a new game with unique betting offer which does not have any analogs in the world. A girl rolls 5 hexahedral dice with numbers from 1 to 6. It is a dynamic board game for venturesome people.


„Dice“ is a unique table game adapted for betting with a wide selection of outcomes and no analogues in the world.

1. Terms:

1.1. A dice – a small cube with each side having a different number of pips ranging from 1 to 6 rolled for generating a random number.

1.2. Dice set – a set of 5 identical dice.

1.3. Dice box – a container used to put, shake and then roll dice.

1.4. Game table – a special downward sloping table with lighting and a marked place for the lucky combination to be placed.

1.5. Lucky combination – the result of the draw determined after the dice are rolled and put in the place for the lucky combination on the game table.

1.6. Odds – numerical expression which is multiplied by the amount of the player’s stake to calculate the winnings.

2. Rules:

2.1. The game‘s presenter during a live broadcast puts the dice into the dice box, shuffles and rolls them on the game table.

2.2. Five identical dice with sides numbered from 1 to 6 pips are used for the game.

2.3. Dice are rolled only once during a draw except for special cases when the roll has to be repeated (see 5).

2.4. A roll is deemed to have taken place when all 5 dice stand on one of their sides and clearly make a five dice combination.

2.5. The result of the draw is the 5 dice combination determined by the pip numbers on the top side of the dice after they are rolled on the table.

2.6. Presenter puts the lucky combination to the special place on the game table.

2.7. Dice combinations (results determined from left to right).

2.7.1. One pair + dice from the smallest to the highest pip number;

2.7.2. Two pairs + the final dice. Pairs are determined by the higher pip numbers;

2.7.3. Three of a kind + dice from the smallest to the highest pip number;

2.7.4. All different pip numbers without creating a line from the smallest to the highest pip number;

2.7.5. High line (2, 3, 4, 5, 6);

2.7.6. Low line (1, 2, 3, 4, 5);

2.7.7. Three of a kind + a pair;

2.7.8. Four of a kind + the final dice;

2.7.9. Five of a kind.

3. Gameplay:

3.1. There is only one betting round and players can place their bets on all available outcomes for the upcoming draw.

3.1.1. A betting round takes place between the game draws and lasts about four minutes (when the first draw is finished, the betting round for the second draw immediately starts. The broadcast starts after the end of the betting round).

4. Betting limits:

4.1. Maximum and minimum betting limits are determined by the gambling company.

5. Special cases:

5.1. Cancelled draws:

5.1.1. Draws can be cancelled due to technical failures: internet connection problems, technical problems in the studio or presenter‘s mistakes;

5.1.2. Presenter‘s mistakes that can end up with cancelled draws: Dice falls off the table before, during or after the roll; When placing the lucky combination in its special place on the game table the presenter flips a dice or dice and cannot return them to their previous combination;

5.2. Repeated roll must be performed if:

5.2.1. Dice stops on its edge after the roll;

5.2.2. Dice leans on the table border and does not stand fully on one of its sides;

5.2.3. A dice combination cannot be determined (see 2.7.).

5.3. Video and audio streaming do not match or do not exist.

5.3.1. If the sound during the broadcast is lost or the presenter announces the wrong winning combination, the correct draw outcomes are determined by the video broadcast.

5.3.2. If a player cannot see the live broadcast due to technical reasons at his end (no internet connection, no electricity and etc.) but the broadcast can be found in the archive, draw is deemed to have taken place.

5.3.3. Results of each draw and archive for the broadcasts can be found on the game organizer‘s website.

6. Game organization procedure:

6.1. Draws of the game run daily every 5 minutes starting from 09:01:25 AM to 02:56:25 AM (GMT+2).

6.1.1. Organizer has the right to change the time and duration of the broadcasts.

6.2. Longer breaks are allowed (1-5 cancelled draws in a row) due to technical failures in the studio. All bets placed on these draws are void and stakes are returned to the players.

7. Equipment used in the game:

7.1. A set of 5 dice (see 1.2).

7.2. A dice box (see 1.3).

7.3. A game table (see 1.4).